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Why Your Vote Counts

As customers of WMWD we have all witnessed first-hand the lack of  concern by Board members when customers express strong opposition to water fee and rate increases and poor service. We are all impacted by even the smallest increases in water rates which can add up to hundreds of dollars per year.  For far to long we have been represented by non-customer politicians on the WMWD Board.

We finally have an opportunity to elect a customer to the WMWD Board who will fight for customers and families.

I am committed to:

  • Putting customers first!

  • Improving accountability and transparency.

  • Stoping further rate and fee Increases.

  • Stoping wasteful spending.

  • Making meetings more accessible.

We cannot hold the WMWD Board accountable or expect them to listen to our concerns if we continue to elect non-customer politicians to the Board.

Let's have a customer advocate on the WMWD Board.

Vote Alan Shanahan for Western Municipal Water District Division 2

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